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My Family is Growing 

Whether you're adding people, pets or plants, we feel you. 

What do I do now?

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Here’s a Quick Look at the Process:


You talk; we listen.  We begin the process by listening to what your biggest concerns are, and what your ultimate goals are.  Once you’re comfortable with the process, then we’ll talk about what is possible for you, and we will craft a plan that will help you attain your goals.  Because we’ll be both purchasing and selling a home, we’ll need to sketch out a timeline of how all of the pieces will fit together.  No matter how we do it, our team will there the whole time, by your side.

Figuring out the numbers

There are two important numbers that we’ll need to figure out early on.  First, what you’ll net from the sale of your home. And, if you have not already done so, this is the time to talk with a mortgage professional about your financial situation and to figure out what type and how much of a mortgage you’d like to have.

Proper Pricing, Preparation and Marketing Plan

Two of the most important aspects of getting you results are the proper preparation and pricing of your home.  After doing a thorough walkthrough of your home, we will help you decide what types of things need to be done in order to maximize your net proceeds, and minimize the time on market.  And, don’t worry… we’ve got people that can help do the work!  Next, we’ll do the proper due diligence, and share with you what is happening in the market, how your home stacks up, and what you can expect to net from the sale.  Finally, we will customize a marketing plan unique to your home. Once we launch, one thing that our clients really appreciate is the weekly update, which will illustrate what our team has done to market your home, how effective those efforts have been, and feedback from agents that have shown the home.

Searching for and finding The One

We’ll set up a custom home search for you on our website, or directly from our MLS.  This will ping you with new listings that hit the market which may be of interest.  Then, whether we’re going out on a private tour of homes, or you’re walking through open houses on your own, we’ll start to narrow down what type of home, and what neighborhoods are really going to work for you. Once you’ve found “The One,” our team will help you gather data about the home, so that you can make a sound decision.  If you decide you’d like to go for it, then we’ll help you craft a strong offer.  Once that offer is negotiated and we have a fully signed around contract, we’ll help move you through the next stage, escrow.


Escrow is the stage at which we work through all the contingencies of the contract.  On the purchasing front, this is where we get the home inspected, we apply for financing, we review documents and information about the home.  On the sale side, this is where, among the plethora of items we’ll track are; negotiating potential inspection items, making any necessary repairs, making sure that the buyer’s financing stays on track, and making sure that there are no issues with title.  Just as during the marketing stage, we’ll be by your side throughout this process, making sure you are comfortable and informed all along the way.


The end of the process is sometimes the most stressful. Whether last minute questions for the lender, or we’re waiting for the seller to finish working on an inspection item, or one of a hundred other possibilities, just know that we are there, at your side, advocating for you.  We’ll get there.  Once you sign the papers, it’s almost a done deal.


Congratulations!  You’ve officially closed.  We will coordinate the transfer of keys for the home you just sold, and we will meet and I will hand you a set of keys for your new home.  Then, we will toast to your new beginnings!

Download a case study about a family that worked with us to buy a bigger home and sell their old one.

Schedule an appointment to start the home buying and selling process.

Get a feel for what is on the market right now.

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